Jared Fogle's ex-wife has filed a lawsuit against Subway, the sandwich chain he served as spokesman for over a period of 15 years, alleging executives ignored allegations of Fogle's pedophilia for a period dating back to 2004.

Kathleen McLaughlin married Fogle in 2010, and the two have a son and daughter together. She divorced Fogle in 2015 after he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges and crossing state lines to have sex with minors. Now, as CNN reports, McLaughlin alleges Subway should have notified authorities that her husband-to-be was a possible predator.

"A responsible corporation would take immediate action when hearing of this behavior, even if it was only allegations," McLaughlin charges in the filing, according to CNN. "Subway failed every test of corporate responsibility in its response to each of these complaints."

The papers filed on Monday, October 24, argue five counts including invasion of privacy / misappropriation of likeness, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, negligence per se, and right of publicity, according to Fox 59. They state that Subway was made aware of allegations about Fogle's illegal sexual activity with underage girls on at least three occasions, and did nothing out of concern that it would hurt the company's marketing efforts. In one 2004 incident, Subway's vice president allegedly received word that Fogle solicited a sex act from a young girl at a Las Vegas promotional event.

"Driven by sales rather than the safety of kids, Subway sent its senior public relations manager to ask Jared and the franchisee owner, rather than the victim, about the incident," the suit claims.

On another occasion in 2008, a Subway franchise owner in Florida named Cindy Mills reportedly called Subway's then-CEO Jeff Moody and alerted him to disturbing comments Fogle made about children. Again, Subway accepted Fogle's denial and declined to investigate further.

"Please don't tell me any more. Don't worry, he has met someone," the suit claims Moody told Mills at the time, referring to McLaughlin. "She is a teacher and he seems to love her very much, and we think she will keep him grounded."

McLaughlin's suit says that no one at Subway informed her of Fogle's problematic behavior before she married him. She further claims that the company used her image (and that of her two children) in March 2015 marketing materials without her proper consent.

In a press conference on Monday (October 24), Fogle's ex-wife said she first learned of Fogle's illegal activities when the FBI raided their home on July 7, 2015. She announced plans to divorce him the following month.

"I had no idea that the nightmare was just beginning. I was shocked by what I learned in the weeks and months to follow," McLaughlin said. She also apologized to Fogle's victims, and said the suit arose from "questions" she still had about his sex crimes and Subway's possible role in covering them up, "questions that someday my children will ask me and questions that I imagine the families of the 14 victims are asking."

"I have a three year old and a five year old who now ask me every day about jail and about where their father is," McLaughlin said. "I think I owe my kids an explanation. I will not lie to my kids, and I want to be able to answer those questions someday."

Fogle is currently serving his 15-year sentence in prison.

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