Why buy Girl Scout Cookies? There are so many reasons! They're delicious, great to dunk in milk, coffee or cocoa, you can make other delicious desserts with them, crumble them over ice cream or whip them into a milkshake, pack them into a school lunch, or a picnic basket, they're snackable, stackable and just make people smile.

Additionally, when you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you're supporting the life-changing activities and experiences the girls participate in. You're encouraging girls to learn, to succeed and to lead, as they move toward their futures.

The Girl Scout Cookie program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world and it all begins with that box of Thin Mints, Samoas, or Tagalongs cookies you're craving!

Now that you know some reasons why, how about when? The official Girl Scout Cookie season for the Girl Scouts - Dakota Horizons begins February 9 and runs through March 12. During that time you can buy your cookies at booths all over the Sioux Empire, order them from a Girl Scout you know directly or from your Girl Scout's online site.

Girl Scout Cookie customers can also buy cookies for donation to military support organizations, and also Feeding South Dakota and backpack programs. Last year 1500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies were donated to multiple organizations.

So get your list ready and indulge your cravings. After all it's only once a year! Unless of course you also stock your freezer (like I do) and make them last for awhile.

For more information follow Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons on Facebook, see them online or call 1-800-666-2141.

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