Someone is either a big Iowa Northwestern College football fan or they despise the team. I'm thinking fan since Northwestern College did just win its first National Championship since 1983, so I'm guessing we're dealing with a rabid Red Raider fan that was looking for something really cool to display in their man room or garage to help commemorate the victory.

Either way, a billboard for Iowa Northwestern College football has gone missing, and that's definitely not a news story you hear about every day.

The Sioux County Iowa Sheriff's Office is attempting to locate the person responsible for stealing the roadside billboard near Orange City, Iowa.

Dakota News Now reports, the Northwestern College football billboard disappeared sometime between January 16 and 28th, at the intersection of 470th Street and Jackson Avenue, about one mile south of Orange City.

According to Dakota News Now, Sioux County sheriff's deputies recently discovered that someone walked off with the large piece of canvas used to display the artwork on the billboard.

As you can imagine, a piece of canvas that size is not cheap, authorities estimate its value at around $700.

The Sioux County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help as they attempt to track down this billboard burglar.

So, if you have been inside the dorm room, garage, or man room of a Red Raider fan recently that had a ginormous piece of artwork for Northwestern College football in it, let's say one, that resembles the picture above, you may want to give the Sioux County Sheriff's Office a buzz.


The number to call with any information regarding the crime is (712) 737-3307.

Source: Dakota News Now

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