The saying, "You never know where life is going to take you" has a whole new meaning for one young Iowa man. It has also given one Iowa family a new perspective this Thanksgiving season.

Red Oak, Iowa is about an hour's drive, south, and east of Omaha, Nebraska. With a population of only around 5,500, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to find your way around this nice little town.

But that wasn't what 26-year-old Brendon Birt experienced according to CNN. The way he described it, he was giving a friend a ride home at around 2 AM on October 23, when he took a wrong turn that changed his life and saved four others.

That wrong turn took him in front of the Lehman home in Red Oak, where he saw flames coming out of the house. He called 911, and then proceeded to bang on the windows on the side of the house to wake up anyone he assumed was inside sleeping.

CNN reported that two sisters, aged 17 and 14 got out first, followed by their 8-year-old brother, and minutes later, (but not a moment too soon) their 22-year-old brother. In fact, the doorbell camera video shows the oldest, Bryce, running out onto the porch through smoke and flames.

The Lehman's mom was away in Montana on a family matter, and their dad was away working at the time of the fire.

The home was a complete loss and the family is now staying in a friend's camper, but their mindset is one of gratitude to Birt, whom they've become close to, as they help "each other heal from the experience".

Source: CNN

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