The Hawkeye State produces a lot of pork. So much so that Iowa actually produces the most pork than any other state according to Iowa Pork Producers Association.

But here's something that goes along with that fact that shows just how many pigs the state has within its borders at one time; the state actually has more hogs than human residents.

 "for every man, woman and child in Iowa, there are nearly eight pigs. It's a good thing the pigs don't decide to rebel because they definitely have the upper hand - or hoof"-The Gazette.

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As of March 1, 2020, Iowa had 24.6 million pigs on Iowa farms according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture via The Gazette. 5,400 pig farms were in the state of Iowa as of 2020 according to Iowa Pork Producers Association

The 24.6 million pigs in Iowa made up almost one-third of the 77.6 million pigs within the US at the time, that's a lot of pigs!

Top counties within Iowa that raise the most pigs are Washington, Sioux, Lyon, Hamilton, and Plymouth.

And raising all these pigs provides a lot of economic benefits to the state. Such as numerous jobs, and selling pork both domestically and foreign brings quite a bit of money for the state of Iowa.

"In 2019, Japan, Mexico, China, Canada, and South Korea were the leading value export markets for Iowa pork"-Iowa Pork Producers Association.

Sources: The Gazette & Iowa Pork Producers Association

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