There are two kinds of coffee lovers- -people who love coffee, and people who really love coffee!

I won't even bother to mention coffee haters, because there is something wrong with them. Or, people who can take it or leave it? Yup, there is something wrong with them, too.

People who don't drink coffee- -at all, for no particular reason. They don't hate it, they just don't drink it? These poor fools need some sort of java intervention!

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So it's a good thing we have so many outstanding coffee shops in Sioux Falls. You can easily get your daily dose of get-up & go, your cup of sunshine and rainbows, your sip of something that keeps you alive at so many great places.

But which one does Food & Wine Magazine (online) think is the best in Sioux Falls?

They fell for the brews and atmosphere (or vibe if you're a lot hipper than the rest of us) of The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. at 311 East 12th Street in Downtown Sioux Falls.

I had the honor of stopping into The Breaks after a live broadcast one Saturday, and to say they were friendly is an understatement. The coffee was lovely, the people even better!

Here is a bit of what Food & Wine had to say about their pick for "Best Coffee Shop in South Dakota":

The block of 12th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in Sioux Falls, just far enough from the center of downtown to feel like you're on the fringes, even if you aren't very far away at all, may not immediately appear to be the coolest block in town, but when...

the garage door is up at The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co., the vibe is inescapable. Skater and musician Corey Gerlach opened the welcoming, energetic shop with wife Mary Campbell...

smack in the middle of the pandemic, in a city that drinks a great deal of coffee, and has a great deal many places to do so. Did Sioux Falls need one more? As in any other town already brimming with options, the answer, for anyone willing to bring something new to the table, the answer was yes.

You need to carve out a little time to check out this "Java Gem" in downtown Sioux Falls.

Source: Food & Wine

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