When this horror movie we're living in began, there seemed to be only a few phrases that even came close to being able to describe what was happening. Uncertain times,  unprecedented times, difficult times, foremost among them.

Since March 13th, of this really awful year, when our country entered a state of national emergency, those phrases have had all the usefulness squeezed out of them, in my opinion. And, now every time I hear them uttered in the cascade of COVID-19 public service announcements, commercials, and news promos, that I see and hear, I want to scream!

Speaking of COVID-19, I'm sick of it too. Coronavirus? Yup, hate that word also. In the future, when we're past the worst of what is happening now, and another coronavirus rears it's ugly, crown-filled head, my stomach will again knot and churn with the fear of what might be.

Pandemic. Certainly a word most of us never thought we'd hear in our lifetime. Community spread, flatten the curve, social-distancing, self-quarantine, have all been added to the lexicon of our language. We pepper our conversations with them as if they've been a part of our terminology universe forever.

I can't wait until a time when these phrases and many others are banished to the discourse dungeon, to spend eternity in a dark and forgotten place, never to see the light of day again.

In the meantime, for the love of all that is holy, please, someone get out a thesaurus, and use it!

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