We've all heard the expression, "you should walk a mile in her shoes!". But what, if anything, have we done to put the wisdom contained within that phrase into actual use or even ponder its meaning?

That waitress who was a little off her game, the grocery clerk who didn't check you out quickly enough to suit you, that driver who inadvertently cut you off in traffic or the woman in the laundromat wearing shabby clothing reading what appears to be a used school textbook of some sort.

What might they have in common? They may all be struggling with something we couldn't imagine; homelessness, abuse, illness, poverty, hunger, addiction. They also may be striving to improve their lives and situations. And they may be turning to EmBe and the Dress for Success program for assistance reaching those goals.

Embe is all about improving the lives of women and their families by promoting the qualities of leadership, excellence, dignity and respect. They offer numerous programs which enrich lives right here in the Sioux Empire.

Dress for Success is an international non-profit organization with around 145 offices in 21 countries. Their mission is to empower and encourage women to achieve economic independence through a supportive network, donated professional attire and economic tools which can lead women to success in work and life.

When these two organizations came together in Sioux Falls, a sort of magical permanent partnership was formed and women who sought their help began to see their lives move in positive directions they once thought impossible.

A very special event supporting these organizations is the 5th Annual In Her Shoes Empowerment Breakfast, on Thursday, February 8, at 7:30 AM in the Sioux Falls Convention Center. Cris Linnares, the founder of Women's Impact, who is a psychologist and author, will be the very special guest speaker. And you'll also hear from local women about how empowerment has changed their lives.

This will be a morning of fellowship, inspiration and education for women. It will also be an amazing opportunity to network, learn from women who are succeeding and women who are striving to, as it were, "walk in her shoes".

Get your tickets here and for more information call Samantha Bucknell at 605-336-3662 ext. 205.

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