My dad loved Bon Apetit magazine. I hate to admit it, but I still have a few of them and it has been over two decades since he passed away. That is how good they are! If he  were around today, I'm sure he'd troll through their website for recipes and have an overflowing online recipe box. I know I do.

Most of their recipes aren't something you'd throw together after work and have on the table for the family in 30 minutes or less. But nevertheless, they're worth collecting and imagining that I'll have the time and ambition to make them someday.

This month Bon Apetit is matching up people with Thanksgiving side dishes by using their horoscopes. Do I believe anything horoscopes say? Not really and yet, every once-in-awhile I feel compelled to read mine. And if it is paired with some sort of delicious recipe, what's the harm?

According to Bon Apetit, my zodiac sign Virgo, should be represented by a green bean casserole. But not your run-of-the-mill green bean casserole. No, this one contains no canned "cream-of-anything" soup, but does allow for French's fried onions on top.

It is a somewhat complicated (much like Virgos) made-from-scratch recipe with fresh green beans, fresh cremini mushrooms, grated parmesan and heavy cream. Yum!

If you would like to see which Thanksgiving side matches your horoscope/zodiac sign and get some delicious recipes too, check out Bon Apetit and bon apetit!

Source: Bon Apetit

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