I have always had some of the weirdest dreams. Not that other people don't, but most people I know have trouble recalling what they dreamed about. They only know that they did. I have had dreams which were so vivid and disturbing that I will remember them all my life.

But is all this dreaming and remembering causing me to wake up at night? Apparently. There was a study done several years ago by a researcher at the Lyon, France Neuroscience Research Center which indicated that people referred to as "high dream recallers" had higher brain activity in the areas of the brain which process information.

This was true whether they were asleep or awake. Also people who remember almost all of their dreams, are more sensitive to sounds while sleeping and tend to wake up more often. This certainly applies to me. I thought once I joined the CPAP nation, I'd be getting nothing but blissful, uninterrupted sleep, but apparently, thanks to my active brain, (and let's be honest- -achy, creaky body) that may never be true!

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