American Idol is back for season 12.  I am a die-hard fan!  When other fans have jumped ship, I'm lounging on the Lido deck, and I'll be here until the ship sinks.

I was not happy to learn that Nicki Minaj would be a judge this season.   Whenever I've seen her in interviews and on awards shows, she seems so full of herself.  I didn't want to form an opinion until I saw her judge.  Well, I've seen her judge and I have an opinion.  BRING BACK STEVEN TYLER!  I thought she was very disrespectful to Mariah Carey, and no one disrespects Mimi.   Nicki, If you're still relevant in 23 years, I'll take back every bad word I've said about you.

I loved Mariah Carey and Keith Urban.  Keith is funny!  Of course, his smokin' hot looks and sexy-as-hell voice doesn't hurt.

There is just something about American Idol that no other show can copy.  Maybe it has something to do with Ryan Seacrest.  I really like him.  He's so smooth.  I love the packages they put together with some of the contestants (the family who adopts developmentally disabled children made me cry) and the super funny sound effects they insert into some of the auditions.  Did anyone else catch the 'plastic squeak' sounds when the guy in the Michael Jackson red leather Thriller outfit and the curly wig performed? A laugh out loud moment!  Check out the video.

American Idol is back Thursday night, January 17th, with auditions in Chicago.


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