Today (November 6) is a big day across the nation for the United States midterm elections. This could be a really big deal.

When I voted this morning, in Sioux Falls, traffic was backed up on the way to my polling place. When I got inside there were longer lines than I had ever experienced while casting any type of ballot in the city.

Results Radio News Director Beth Warden stated: “Voter turn out is expected to be similar to what a Presidential election would typically be. A record-setting 80,000 absentee voters could be an indicator that there is a resurgence in each voter making their voice known to South Dakota politicians. From ages 18 to 108, the poll lines are a diverse celebration of democracy.”

As I waited for a booth to open up I stood and surveyed my surroundings. There were lots of very serious faces and not much chatter. It was fairly obvious as to which individuals knew exactly what was to be done and those that were a bit confused by what was expected of them. Some obviously have voted many times. Some not so much. Judging by the maturity of the crowd they all should have done this enough to have been very at ease with the procedure. Should have.

All indications are that we could be breaking some voter turnout records around Sioux Falls and the nation for this midterm vote. It just may be that passions about today's serious issues have prompted folks to actually get up, get out, and get involved in the process. Good.

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