Keep in mind that if I were to pick an actor in a current TV series to cohabitate with it might be Ioan Gruffud, (pictured above) the gorgeous Welsh actor who is currently starring in the intriguing Sundance channel series Liar. Or perhaps dark-eyed, curly-haired cutie, Elyes Gabel from the CBS series Scorpion. 

Maybe even Milo Ventimiglia, the deeply emotional and doomed, hot dad from NBC's This is Us, who has only improved with age since his days on Gilmore Girls. Yes, (sigh!) I could picture any of them massaging my feet and staring deeply into my eyes at the end of a long day.

So when I found out who my Classic TV boyfriend would be, by way of a MeTV quiz, I was a bit taken aback. Remember Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell? He was played by Mark-Paul Gosselar. He went on to accomplish himself nicely, playing a detective on NYPD Blue before returning to comedy in the so-so, TNT series Franklin & Bash.

Yup, Zack Morris was the guy they chose for me based on a series of questions I answered. I was kind of hoping for Thomas Magnum, Magnum P.I. (Tom Selleck), or A.J. Simon, Simon & Simon (Jameson Parker). I loved roguish detective Sonny Crockett, (Don Johnson) from Miami Vice.

How I ended up with Zack Morris I don't know, but I'm going to take the quiz again and change up my answers in hopes of getting a more mature partner. I mean geez, even Batman would be a better match!

Take the quiz yourself and see who you end up with.

Source: MeTv 

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