I just filled out another entry to win a very expensive set of Le Creuset cookware. I have filled one out almost every other day for weeks.

I'm also trying to win a John Deere riding mower, $25,000 for a kitchen remodel, a Summer Projects $5,000 bonus, a $25,000 "Vacation Like a Celebrity" trip and a $2,500 grocery sweepstakes.

Now that Publisher's Clearing House has my email and home address they won't leave me alone, but I'm kind of okay with that. If they would just show up one day with a giant check, balloons and flowers, all the emails would be worth it.

That is where the questions begin. Do people actually win sweepstakes and if they do, what am I doing wrong?

So of course, this sends me on a search for information, which leads me to Balance.com, a fairly new personal financial website launched by the same company which owns Dotdash.com (formerly About.com).

According to an article I found there real people do win these sweepstakes, but they also state the obvious; your odds of winning many of them are long to non-existent. I also checked out an article on reasons why I'm not winning, and yet another with tips on how to win different sweepstakes (cash, trips, etc.).

It might just be me, but after all that reading, I'm too fatigued to fill out anymore sweepstakes entries today! Good luck to you, though.

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