I didn't need the somewhat shishi poo poo Food & Wine to tell me that Hy-Vee is one of the best supermarkets in the country. I've known it for years! Still, it is nice of them to tell their devotees and the rest of the country. I admit I have yet to try out our local Aldi, but I've only heard good things about them.

Food & Wine's positive comments about Hy-Vee centered around: A) their employees- - "the staff are often incredible at their jobs, going the extra mile without being asked", B) the Hy-Vee brand products, C) their bakery - -"which is full of deliciously Midwestern stuff that will most certainly hasten your demise", and D) their cafes - -"not only one of the better places to stop for a cheap and hearty breakfast, it's the absolute best place to overhear your fill of local gossip".

Their positive comments about Aldi were narrowly defined: "The payoff for enduring limited service, putting down a deposit for your shopping cart, and not ever having heard of most of the brands you're buying? Low, low prices."

Most people I know have what they refer to as "my Hy-Vee". My Hy-Vee is Store #3 on South Minnesota Avenue. It is the one I know the best, have shopped in the longest and when they added a charcuterie, I was in heaven! I thought it brought a dimension to grocery shopping in Sioux Falls which had been missing. I know, my desires are fairly pedestrian but- -yes, I do love my Hy-Vee!

To see all 10 of the top supermarkets in the U.S. see Food & Wine's website.

Source: Food & Wine

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