With over 4 million Facebook followers, not to mention everyone who ever watched him on the hit show "The Middle", or caught him on "Jimmy Kimmel Live", Taylor Calmus is no longer that unknown college graduate from Howard, South Dakota.

He is well-known for his "Dude Dad' videos about life with his wife Heidi and three (with a fourth on the way) kids. He even has a new book out called A Dude's Guide to Baby Size, which is to help expectant fathers through the maze of pregnancy.

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Based in Colorado since 2020, after spending over a decade in Los Angeles, Taylor and his family have also become stars on Discovery+ with Super Dad on the Magnolia Channel. He and his team help dads build their kids' dream backyard creations.

Taylor is now bringing his comedy act to the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux Falls, on Saturday, January 28, at 8 PM after already selling out a show in Fargo.

The University of Sioux Falls Theater and Communications graduate's exploits have entertained thousands on his Dude Dad YouTube channel. He is sure to share some of his classics when he's here in Sioux Falls.

For more information and to buy tickets see the Orpheum Theatre online or call 605-367-6000.

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