For dog owners without the luxury of a big backyard, a dog park is the answer to a little off-leash fun for their dogs. But for some dog owners taking their furry friends to a dog park isn't an option.

Maybe you have a dog who perhaps isn't as socialized as you would like and is reactive around other dogs or even dog owners. Or maybe you'd just like some one-on-one time with your canine companions.

Dog and his person
Getty/Thinstock Images and Canva

Now, according to Pigeon 605,  there is an option in the Sioux  Falls area - -renting a private dog park.

There are apparently around 10 of these private pup playgrounds in our area that you can rent according to Sniffspot, a website mentioned by Pigeon 605, that helps dog parents find these places.

Dog in sunglasses
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So the next time you find yourself wanting some alone time with your four-legged best friend or friends, maybe renting a private dog park is just what you need.

Source: Pigeon605

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