I wrote an article on dealing with stress and anxiety while social distancing, last week. I have been trying diligently to follow some of those guidelines myself. Beginning with sticking to a basic routine.

I still get up at the same time, make my bed, start the coffee, and get dressed. I initially debated the "all dressed up & nowhere to go" thing in my head and decided it would provide much-needed structure. My only clothing concession to working at home is dressing very casually in comfy pants & slippers.

I also shoveled out space in my spare bedroom and turned it back into the office space that it used to be. Not only does it give me a designated space in which to work, but at the end of the day, I can leave the workday all in that room.

Now when it comes to the desire to placate stress and anxiety with comfort food, that is a harder task. There are times throughout the day when I can almost hear the Cheez-its calling me from the top of the fridge, the caramel-coconut Oreos from the pantry, and, the cheese sticks in the meat drawer have my number too.

Of course, a healthy diet supports our immunity, so apparently, it may be necessary to eat a few less nachos. There again, I'm trying to stick to some suggestions the experts have for us.

  • Buy healthy staples including frozen and canned veggies & fruits, nuts, canned fish, whole-wheat pasta, etc.
  • If you just gotta have Fritos, or other chips, cookies, etc., don't eat them out of the bag. Take a serving of whatever you're craving, put it on a plate, and sit down to eat it.
  • Allow yourself one treat a day. (Well, there goes my Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter thin at breakfast!)
  • Make being healthy your goal. If it wasn't before this crisis, maybe now is the perfect time.
  • Be kind to yourself. If you don't adhere to all this advice, you certainly won't be alone, so cut yourself some slack. I plan to. (Okay, I added that one).

Source: Today Health

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