I had to laugh when I was perusing this article on kitchen appliances that are a waste of your money. You see, my partner-in-crime, Ben, is one of the biggest kitchen appliance junkies who ever lived; followed closely by our dear friend Alan Helgeson. In fact it was Alan who convinced Ben he needed a ridiculous Pizza Pizzazz!

Ben's wife, Linda, has informed him time and time again that they have no room for any more of his appliance acquisitions. So when I asked him if he had an ice cream maker, his pouty response was, "No, Linda won't let me have one!"

Both Ben and Alan have chatted about Spiralizers, the gadget which turns veggies into noodles. I believe Alan has purchased one, Ben- -not yet. Alan also recently got one of those low-fat fryers which promise to make a crispy version of french fries which would rival your fast food favorites. His review was mixed, for awhile, until he finally gave it a thumbs-down, overall. So Ben is re-thinking his desire for one.

I also had to disagree with at least two the the article's selections; I love my Kitchen Aid mixer and my immersion blender. They chose these two appliances as dust-collection vehicles in most kitchens. But I use both of these quite often and truly think they were worthy investments.

And I know for a fact that Ben loves his Keurig coffee maker, his juicer, his vacuum food sealer and at least 3 other appliances on this list!

You'll have to decide if you agree with Cheat Sheet's opinion by checking out their entire lineup of money-wasting kitchen appliances.

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