What is the function of design in life? Ask someone who designs for a living in any field of endeavor and the answers might be wide-ranging. But more than likely the responses would have a number of similarities. Design exists in almost every facet of the lives we live, from the clothes we wear to the computers we work on, the food we eat, the programs we watch, the furniture in our homes, the vehicles we drive, etc.

But what is its importance? When asked this question designers from multiple disciplines had these responses:

  • Design is about creating order. Its importance lies in making the human condition of living more attractive, more convenient, more easily understood, simpler and easier.
  • Design is seeing, synthesizing, imagining, prototyping and then making experiences and things that delight and attract people to them.
  • Design is used to develop solutions and also to inspire exploration, experimentation, and creativity.

That is just a short list, but you get the idea. Sioux Falls Design Center (108 W. 11th Street) is presenting their Fifth Annual Sioux Falls Design Week. It's going on through Friday, October 5th. It is an opportunity for our city to explore and celebrate the diversity of design, from architecture to landscape to graphic design and more.

You can find the complete listing of events and locations at Sioux Falls Design Center online and for more information follow them on Facebook.


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