Sioux Falls has always been a good place for summer jobs, especially in the restaurant industry because we have, conservatively, - - a million restaurants in the city!

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the summer job thing. True.

With so many more businesses getting back to "business as usual", the opportunities for middle and high school kids are going to be endless. Not only will restaurants be needing a lot of summertime help, so will the tourism, retail, and entertainment industries.

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WalletHub researchers and number crunchers contend some cities are better than others for summer job opportunities. They based this on not only the availability of summer employment but minimum wage laws, rates of poverty and local costs.

Those local costs include housing, food, transportation, entertainment, and more. All of these elements influence the desirability of a city in terms of summer work. They also considered the opportunity to make enough money to actually save some, if that was one of your goals.

Additionally they also acknowledged the effect that the pandemic may have had, or still has on the job market and socializing possibilities for people, (singles in particular) used to living an active lifestyle, depending on where you live, or plan to during the summer.

After taking all of this under consideration, and comparing 182 cities across the country, the result for South Dakota was good, coming in  27th.

If you take a drive around Sioux Falls, you'll see the full effect of businesses getting back to normal. Now hiring and help wanted signs are everywhere. So at least here in Sioux Falls, the possibilities of summer employment, are endless!

To see the full WalletHub report just check out their website.

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