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As many of us get ready to hit the highway again for the trek home after the Christmas holiday, you might want to take a quick peek at your odometer, I have a feeling you might be a little surprised when you realize the number of miles you've put on your vehicle since the Christmas season started.

According to a new study the typical person will put on 413 miles during the average Christmas travel season.

Here are some of the different ways you racked up so many miles in such a short period of time:

  • Making an average of six trips to the store to buy food and alcohol. (24 miles)


  • Three visits to grandparents. (102 miles)


  • Two visits to in-laws. (72 miles)


  • Three trips to see other family members and go to their parties. (102 miles)


  • Two visits to see old friends. (82 miles)


  • Picking up family on Christmas Day. (19 miles)


  • Three quick, miscellaneous trips. Getting things like a Christmas tree, etc. (12 miles)

Then factor in all that Christmas shopping. Back and forth from home to the mall. It adds up quick!

Apparently the true spirit of Christmas is really sitting behind the wheel of your car driving. So don't forget to get your vehicle a belated Christmas gift, the gift of an oil change!

Source: FemaleFirst 

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