Fifty years ago, a little unassuming fried chicken place opened its doors to very little hubbub. It was traditional southern fried chicken that they were trying to sell to southerners who fried their own dang chicken- - a lot! And liked it that way!

Needless to say, founder Alvin C. Copeland Sr.'s name for his business, "Chicken on the Run" became sadly prophetic and ran out of customers long before they ran out of chicken.

After only a few months, Mr. Copeland shut the doors and changed the name, and the kind of chicken they were frying up.

He had seen the movie The French Connection and loved the character "Popeye Doyle" played by Oscar-winning actor Gene Hackman. He subsequently decided to rename his chicken restaurant "Popeye's" and created a uniquely New Orleans-style, spicy fried chicken recipe that has become its trademark.

It worked so well that you will find Popeye's Restaurants around the globe and in two locations right here in Sioux Falls.

To celebrate that success, Popeye's is offering customers the same deal they had when it opened in 1972 - - 2 pieces of bone-in chicken for only 59 cents!

Through Sunday, June 19, you just need to make a $5 minimum mobile order using Popeye's app or at their website.

And before you ask, no, this does not apply to their famous chicken sandwich, or, anything else on the menu. But for $5.59 (minimum order is $5) the 2-pieces of chicken, plus a beverage or fries make for a relatively low-priced lunch or dinner.

Sources: Business Insider and Popeye's

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