If there ever was a time when people needed some positivity in their lives, this surely is it. By virtue of its very name, The Helpline Center is a hub of positivity. They connect people and organizations who need help, with people who have the time and talent, to help.

Something that the Helpline Center has been doing for years now, is facilitating DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Summer Projects.

Every week throughout the summer season people are encouraged to pick a project, do it themselves, and then take it to health care facilities, homeless shelters, mental health and assisted living facilities, food pantries, friends, neighbors, and more, to bring some joy into the lives of less fortunate community members.

Well, as we all know, in terms of these DIY projects, the summer season began a bit early this year. The Helpline Center has been asking volunteers to put together these caring projects for weeks already because the need for encouragement all around us is so great.

And you don't have to stick to the schedule either! If you want to put together one of the projects from two weeks ago, or two weeks into the future - - go for it!

As they have for the last several months, they are always in need of mask makers to provide masks for a variety of organizations.

This week's suggested DIY Project is a Mental Health Kit, which can be as simple, or as elaborate as you want. You simply need a box, cheerful gift bag, or other containers to hold the goodies you gather. Once you have that, fill it with comfort items like a fuzzy blanket, a stress ball, fidget spinner, candles or aromatherapy items, tissues, an eye mask, lotion, a journal, etc.

Whatever might bring comfort to you will do the same for someone else. Write an encouraging, uplifting note to include, and you're done. For suggestions on which organizations would love to have your DIY Projects, just call the Helpline Center at 211.

For more information on volunteer opportunities in the Sioux Empire, see Helpline Center online, on Facebook, or just call 211.

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