Saying goodbye to 2020 does not mean saying goodbye to all of the problems in our community, or to the needs of our less fortunate citizens.

In the spirit of the ongoing effort to support the amazing work done by hundreds of volunteers in the Sioux Falls area, The Helpline Center is offering some thoughts on how all of us can help to foster positive change.

  1. Volunteer - They suggest people set aside 3 hours a month to volunteer for a cause, an organization, or even a personal project you can do using your technical or creative talents while helping someone or a charitable group.
  2. Donate - So, your schedule and life is so full of activity and commitments that you honestly have no time to give volunteering? No problem. Simply consider donating to support people who do! According to some sources, a volunteer hour is worth $27.20. So if you could donate $81.60 a month to an organization dear to your heart, it is as if you gave them 3 hours of your time!
  3. Give While You Shop - If you're an Amazon shopper, add the Helpline Center to your Amazon Smile list and you're supporting the amazing accomplishments of volunteers all over the community.
  4. Use Your Company Volunteer Hours - If you work for someone who gives you paid time off to volunteer or do community service projects, take it. And if you need ideas for volunteering opportunities check out Volunteer Connections.
  5. Check out the Helpline Center's social media accounts and like, share, and comment on them. It helps spread the gospel of volunteering and makes it possible to recruit more volunteers and to meet critical needs in the Sioux Falls area.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, call the Helpline Center at 211, or see Helpline Center online, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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