How much time does it take to change one life, or, a whole community for the better? The answer, I suppose, could all come down to the statement, "It depends on who you ask".

To people who've had their lives turned around, or even saved by one kind gesture, action, or even a phone call, the answer might be, "No time at all!" To see a community move toward positive change can take a substantial amount of time and effort.

The secret appears to be, a lot of people, giving a little time, on a consistent basis. And really, at the Helpline Center, this isn't a secret at all. They know it, they preach it, and they practice it.

The Helpline Center consistently connects people with other people who need help, or, can help. Here are just two of the ways you can commit a little of your time making connections and changing the world.

  • St. Francis House - Whose mission is to "Move People from Homelessness to Hope", needs "people movers". You would be helping their guests get to work, appointments,  and meetings by driving them to various locations. You can choose from part-time shifts, (early morning, morning, afternoon & early evening) seven days a week. To volunteer, call (605) 679-0915.
  • American Red Cross - It's no surprise that this group is in urgent need of volunteers for numerous positions near and far, considering the convergence of COVID-19 with wildfire and hurricane season. Right now they are seeking people who could serve a two-week deployment to current natural disaster areas. All training, transportation, meals, and lodging will be provided. The Red Cross even has virtual volunteering opportunities and if you're not able to do any of these, they request that people simply continue to give blood.

For information on these volunteering needs and hundreds of others, or if you need help, call 211, see Helpline Center online and on Facebook.

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