Lynette Springman and her daughter, Sydne, have a lot in common; a feisty spirit, a love for life and a need to help people. Lynette has worked at the Minnesota Veterans Home in Luverne, Minnesota for 24 years. Sydne, is a special education teacher in White Lake, Minnesota.

Lynette and Sydne have one other major thing in common. Actually, it isn't a thing at all, it is a person. A very talented person, at that. You may be familiar with her, her name is Pink and she's going to be performing in St. Paul on Monday, March 12. Mother and daughter Springman are both uber fans of "her Pinkness"!

Sydne wants to do something extraordinary for a mom who has done so much for her and for the veterans she has worked with for decades; Sydne wants to get her mom, Lynette, backstage to meet Pink.

Lynette's favorite Pink songs, (according to hubby Mark) are:

  • Raise Your Glass - Because she's a girl who likes beer!
  • True Love - Because after being married for 29 years, you get over the little stuff and hang on to your true love/soulmate
  • Perfect - Because with so much self doubt, low self-esteem, and bullying going on in the world today, you have to believe in yourself and push through the hard times. We shouldn't judge others or ourselves!
  • I Have Seen the Rain - Because it reminds Lynette of all the veterans coming into their facility. (Pink's dad wrote the song about the Vietnam War)

Lynette feels that she and Pink also share a perception issue; people see their tough exterior, (because they've both had to fight for many things) and forget about the love, kindness and devotion that is at the core of who they are.

Sydne, Lynette and Mark Springman (dad of the former and hubby of the latter) have put together a wacky, heartfelt video with the hope that if a lot of us see and share it, Pink may catch wind of it and want to meet this amazing lady too.

I say we try and help this loving mother-daughter combo reach their goal. Check out their video and please feel free to share it, talk about it and if you happen to have Pink's phone number. . .

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