What did you and your family do over the long holiday weekend?

Unfortunately, I worked during most of the Labor Day weekend, my wife and our dog, on the other hand, they went paddle boarding.

My wife is addicted to paddle boarding and now she has hooked the dog!

Jude, our 5-year old Wire Fox Terrier, is not afraid of anything, with the exception of fireworks, so my wife decided it would be fun to see if Jude would go.

I knew that my wife was serious about taking the dog when I came home to find Jude donning her new life jacket.

This last weekend, as we said goodbye to summer, my wife decided this was the weekend for her and Jude to take their walk on water.  The two of them went Saturday afternoon and according to my wife and the pictures, they both appeared to have a pretty good time.

Flow and Paddle is the paddle boarding company that made all of this possible. They operate during the summer months on Lake Lorraine here in Sioux Falls.

Flow and Paddle invites you to bring your entire family for a paddle boarding experience, so my wife took them up on their offer, she brought our entire family, minus me.

Cassie and Reggie from Flow and Paddle, encourage your furry family members to come paddle boarding with you. The only requirement is a life jacket, which you must provide.

This past Saturday, before the temps to a nosedive from the upper 80's to the 50's on Labor Day, they hit Lake Lorraine to walk on water.

Anyone who lives in South Dakota knows that this cooler weather is only temporary, in September, it is like a false fall, and our second stint with summer-like temps is more than likely coming again. (I hope!)  So, there's still time for you and the family to give paddleboarding a try yet this year.

Check the Flow and Paddle website as they have end-of-summer pricing now in effect.

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