To say that I love grocery shopping would be a gross understatement. I have a passion that passes most understanding! It is not just a chore that must be performed from time-to-time, it is an adventure with new discoveries to be made on a weekly basis!

The rapid changes in inventory, the profusion of new products in every category imaginable, keep me always on the lookout for something new to try.

The latest new item I taste-tested were Bacon-Flavored Ritz Cracker Chips. They were lovely light little creations with no discernible bacon flavor, no Ritz cracker flavor either. So I won't be buying them again.

I guess this grocery store devotion is something I inherited from my dad. He adored grocery shopping and just like me, was always on the lookout for the newest thing.

Most people make a list, pop in, shop and get out as quickly as humanly possible. Not me. I make a list and then, linger and linger some more!

Now, thanks to an article on CheatSheet, I'm wondering, if it is indeed intentional on my part or engineered by genius grocery store marketing gurus.

Everything from the placement of often-purchased dairy products at the back of the store to candy bars at checkout, to kids cereal placed at kid-eye level, aisle width, color schemes, bigger shopping carts, music, and rewards programs  are all conspiring to get us to shop longer and buy more.

Even reusable bags (the ones I always have in the car, but never seem to remember to use) are designed to tell us "Go ahead, reward yourself and buy more, you're doing something good for the planet with that bag!"

Why wasn't I aware that just like everything else in life, this is something that has been researched and studied to death? Well now I just feel manipulated!

Now where is that list? I think I need some cream cheese and gummy bears. . .

Source: Cheat Sheet

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