Thanks to this brutal winter we've been having so far, the snow continues to pile up in and around the Sioux Empire. Consequently, many residents are left asking the question, "hey, where's my mail?"

If it's been a while since you've seen the mailman at your place, it's more than likely due to the fact they can't easily get to your mailbox to make a delivery.

If your mailbox resembles the ones listed in the picture above, the postal service needs your shoveling expertise ASAP if you would like to start getting mail delivery before spring arrives.

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Seriously, mailboxes on some streets in Sioux Falls and throughout the area are still damn near impossible to get at thanks to the mountains of snow that can be found stacked around them. Therefore postal carriers are having an extremely difficult time delivering mail as a result.

Snow plows attempting to clear city streets following the volume of snow, we have received these past few weeks have left many mailboxes just buried in snow, and as Dakota News Now reports, it isn't the fault of homeowners. However, postal carriers are asking for the assistance of homeowners in helping to dig their mailboxes out.

Mark Inglett, a strategic communications specialist with the USPS told Dakota News Now, “We need a path that’s big enough for us to not only pull into there to get to the mailbox but to also pull away safely."

In addition to getting the mail out on time, the other big priority of the postal service is the safety of their carriers, that's why they really need the help of the public right now in some cases.

With a few more inches of snow on the way again this week in some areas, there is no better time to make sure your mailbox box is easily accessible.

And if you happen to have a neighbor who no longer has the ability to shovel, due to their age or a health condition, now is a great time to be a good samaritan, pick up a shovel, and lend them a hand.

Your postal delivery person will love you for it, and I'm guessing you would probably appreciate getting mail delivery before May Day.

Source: Dakota News Now

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