The St. Baldrick's Foundation exists for one reason and one reason only; to fund research which will find cures for childhood cancer. The unique and high-profile way they raise that money has made this organization and its events a landing place for extremely motivated, dedicated cancer fighters.

Of course, I'm talking about the famous head-shaving events where people fundraise and then have their locks sheared off, while family, friends, and onlookers cheer for them. This act of fortitude also bonds participants with the many children who in the process of fighting their disease, lose their hair.

First responders have been a huge part of this volunteer-driven group from the beginning, with thousands of firefighters, police officers, and military troops making a St. Baldrick's head-shaving event part of their service.

You can become a member of this awesome "Bald is So Beautiful!" club by joining in the 13th Annual Sioux Falls St. Baldrick's Event. It is all happening on Thursday, March 14, at the Pizza Ranch on 41st Street from 4:30 to 8:30 PM. Pizza Ranch is donating part of their proceeds that night too. So just by eating there that evening, you're helping.

If head-shaving isn't in your wheelhouse, you can give in so many other ways, by donating, volunteering or even doing other fundraisers for St. Baldrick's. Their attitude is--do what you want, as long as you want to end childhood cancer!

Since 2005 over $258 million has been raised for research grant funding by the St. Baldrick's Foundation, this is more than any organization with the exception of the U.S. government.

So be brave and shave! Be chicken and donate or volunteer. Or simply show up at Pizza Ranch on 41st street, Thursday, March 14, and eat chicken! It will all help to continue the fight against the number one killer of children in the U.S.!

For more information see St. Baldrick's Foundation,  St. Baldrick's Sioux Falls event, online and on Facebook, or call Rob Keisacker at 605-360-0445.



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