Most 3-year-olds spend a lot of waking hours asking, "Why?" A typical 3-year-old may be in pre-school, expanding their vocabulary, learning to share and becoming more aware of other's feelings. They love playing "make-believe" games and may even have imaginary friends.

Some parents can also attest to the fact that a 3-year-old can be obstinate at times. Most likely, because they're busy testing their independence and apparently your patience!

Brady Southwick is a typical 3-year-old in many categories but one. Brady has cancer. A stage 4, soft tissue, rare, aggressive cancer which has metastasized to several places in his little body. Diagnosed on March first of this year, he and his family have a long journey of treatment ahead. (Approximately 70 weeks of a combination of chemotherapy and radiation).

To help defray some of the mounting costs of treatment and travel to the Mayo Clinic, (when he is not being treated at the Sanford Children's Castle here in Sioux Falls) friends and family of Brady's parents, Jamie and Brian, have put together several fundraisers in one weekend.

Saturday, May 11, at Wiley's Tavern (330 N. Main) in downtown Sioux Falls, beginning at noon and ending at 3:30 PM, there will be a Beer Pong Tournament. It is $50 per two-person team and you can register online or the day of the event.

The same day, different place- - a Poker Tournament will be going on at McNally's Irish Pub (69th & Western) from 4 to 8 PM. The cost is $50 per player and again, you can register online or at McNally's beginning at 4 PM on Saturday, May 11.

Last, but not least, and again at McNally's, there will be a concert featuring Nick Rallis and Paul Tims with special guests, Allen Goodroad and Micah Wetzel, at 8 PM. There is a $10 cover and you can also purchase tables. All proceeds plus 10% of food and beverage sales will go directly to help Brady and his family.

For more information see Get Brady Better online and on Facebook. To make a direct donation see Brady's GoFundMe page.


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