I moved into my first apartment in Sioux Falls in March of 1981. My only furniture was a dinette set. I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag in my bedroom for the first 3 months. Gradually I spent money I didn't have (credit card money) on curtains, a sectional sofa, and some lamps. I eventually got a bed and other bedroom furniture and my apartment finally started to feel like home.

Oh I know some people will say I'm crazy, (well actually, that happens all the time) "it's the people, not the furniture which turns a house into a home"! That is true in some measure, but unless you've ever been homeless, you can't understand the deeper meaning of having; a bed with sheets and a comforter, a dresser to put your clothing in, a sofa to relax and read on, a kitchen table to have a meal with your family at, a coffeemaker, chairs to sit on, or lamps to brighten your space.

For people whose lives have taken unexpected turns into homelessness, the financial assets to purchase those items, even after they find a living space, are elusive. That is where the Furniture Mission of South Dakota comes in.

Their ongoing mission is to "share and demonstrate the love of Christ" by sharing blessings and serving others. They do this by collecting and distributing new or gently used furniture, small appliances, lamps, bed frames, mattresses and box springs, dressers, couches and more, to people and families who have been "referred by a social service agency, church, school or hospital".

Your donations can and do change lives on a daily basis at Furniture Mission. All furnishings are delivered to clients free of charge. Check out their complete list of needed items and please help if you can. You can also donate directly here.

Another very easy and extremely fun way for you to help the Furniture Mission of South Dakota is their Ladies' Night Out this Friday, April 5, 2017, from 7 to 9:30 PM at the Downtown Hilton Garden Inn. You'll enjoy delicious desserts, shopping with numerous vendors, plus the silent auction with furniture, decor items and gifts.

Tickets are only $30 and they usually sell out, so call 977-6800, (ASAP!) to make sure you get yours. Then gather up your gal pals and enjoy!

For more information see Furniture Mission of South Dakota's website or on Facebook.

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