Some kids here in the Sioux Empire have already headed back to school, while others are still on summer vacation driving their parents crazy.

If you still fall into that latter category, here's an idea to help keep your kiddos entertained, take them to one of Sioux Falls newly remodeled city parks.

KDLT News is reporting on Wednesday (August 23) the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department unveiled the last of the four parks they've been working on this year.

The four city parks that received makeovers during the summer of 2017 were Bakker, Kuehn, Tuthill, and Meldrum park.

All four Sioux Falls parks were recently outfitted with new playgrounds, featuring the newest industry play features that meet current industry safety standards.

Tory Miedema, a Park Development Specialist told KDLT News, “I think it really energizes these parks when we come in and put the new playgrounds. They are probably the most popular parks for those ages between 5 and 12. So I think you can see a lot of increase use especially the few years after the new playgrounds come in.”

The city of Sioux Falls has plans to redo the playground areas in Whittier, Kenny Anderson, Menlo, and Morningside parks next.

Source: KDLT TV

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