If the suggestions for me are any indication, they can stuff their advice! But maybe what they suggest for other signs is more appropriate. Spoon University came up with suggestions for all of us about foods we should avoid according to our astrological sign profiles.

For me, because I'm a Virgo (August 23-September 22) they suggested I avoid over-the-top foods because I like straightforward things. Au contraire mon ami! I love over-the-top foods.

I may be a hyper-critical, analytic, very cynical Virgo, but when it comes to food, the more adventurous, the better! Bring on the Clams Casino and Raspberry Pavlova, Stuffed Squid and Chocolate Caramel Pecan Poke Cake!

If you're wondering what foods you should potentially avoid because you're a Gemini, or Aries or Scorpio, etc., take a peek at the Spoon University article.

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