When it comes to Froot Loops, apparently there are two camps: 1) Those who swear there are different fruity flavors contained in the cereal's multi-colored circles and, 2) those who've accepted as fact, the Kelloggs company's confession way back in 1999 that all of the beloved "loops are flavored the same". That flavor? Fruity, or "froot", which apparently is a mish-mash of fruit flavors.

Froot Loops weren't big in our house, when I was growing up. We loved Cocoa Krispies, or Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms. When we were whining at our mom in the grocery store for sugared cereals, anything with chocolate or marshmallows seemed to have priority billing. To wit, right now, I have a giant box of Chocolate Lucky Charms (what a great concept!) on top of my fridge, just waiting for my next sugar binge.

Now Froot Loops aficionados can sink their spoon into a new version of their old favorite. Wild Berry Froot Loops should be making an appearance in grocery stores soon. Not only do these have a distinct berry essence, (again, no, the individual pieces will not have specific berry flavors) but there will also be a pretty purple star shape for you to nosh on!

Sources: Delish and Time

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