We've already had our first taste of winter, but our meteorologist friends tell us there is still plenty of fall to be had. That means there will probably still be plenty of yardwork in our immediate futures, not to mention upcoming snow removal chores.

So, to be ready inside and out for the ongoing fall, and oncoming winter season, there are several items you may need, which according to Consumer Reports are on sale during the month of October.

  • Yard equipment - Leaf blowers and chainsaws should both be deeply discounted this month. Make sure you also purchase hearing protection as both of these loud items can cause damage to your hearing.
  • Snowblowers - You could spend as little as $200 or well over $1,000. Consider the size of the area you're clearing and the type of terrain. These factors will determine the size and features you will want.
  • Thermostats - A good thermostat can save you money as well as keep your home cozy and warm in the winter, so now may be the time to purchase a new one. A smart thermostat alone can save you anywhere from $50 to $100 per year on your energy bill. Imagine if you pair that up with other energy-saving features for your home.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - These items are a must in every home. They save lives, and they happen to be a very good buy this month. Enough said.
  • Mattresses - Because retailers carry brands manufactured specifically for their stores, comparing prices and mattresses can be a major pain. But, make your best effort, getting a good night's sleep is so important to your health, long-term. Be prepared to spend some time doing it, too. Start with the cheap mattresses,  usually near the back of the store, and work your way up to find something you can live with that won't kill your budget.

For more information and year-round suggestions on products and services see Consumer Reports online.

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