I hate summer! And one of the things that makes summer (and I'll be honest, spring, too) so abhorrent, is the specter of yard work. Now granted, my arthritic knees and ankles are one of the reasons that walking behind a noisy mower for hours is so odious.

So when I went looking for a mower about 3 years ago, I wanted something reliable, something self-propelled, something that would start with the push of a button. What I really wanted was a good-lookin' guy with all those characteristics, but couldn't seem to find one.

Consumer Reports is my go-to when I'm searching for any kind of home product, vehicle, device, or advice on the purchase of said items. I compared numerous mowers, looking at features, mulching capability, one-button starters and last, but certainly not least - prices.

What I finally chose was a "comfort-pace",  walk-behind Toro Re-Cycler with a one-touch start, and while I still hate mowing, at least it isn't as big a pain-in-the-rear as it could be. If you're in the market for a new mower, I highly recommend starting with Consumer Reports, your favorite consumer advice source, or search harder than I did for a significant other who may love yardwork!

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