As a person of Italian descent, I probably don't need to tell you that pasta was a staple in our home when I was growing up. Our dad insisted on consuming it several times a week and in our home; if he did, you did!

As our mom was so fond of reminding us, "I'm not a short-order cook, eat what's in front of you or don't eat!". Thankfully both my mom (who was of Irish heritage) and my dad (Italian through and through) made delicious pasta sauces, so being forced to eat it, really wasn't punishment.

Over the last few decades however pasta's reputation has taken a hit due to the low or no-carb movement. This has led pasta manufacturers to produce less than optimal low- carb products. It has also led to a plethora of vegetable stand-ins. I'm sorry but when I want spaghetti, spiralized zucchini "zoodles" just don't cut it!

Now comes a study from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada, which may just put pasta back on your menu! First of all good pasta has a low glycemic index which means it breaks down in your digestive system slowly, so you're satisfied longer and your blood sugar doesn't spike and crash.

Secondly the 2500 participants in this study ate about 3 servings of pasta a week, avoiding other forms of carbs and after 12 weeks, had actually lost weight. Finally, it all comes down to the basics; carbohydrates in and of themselves are not fattening. It is how much and the kind we eat, which matters. Loading up your healthy serving of pasta with heavy, fat-laden sauces defeats the purpose.

Unfortunately for me, I'm all about the sauces and chowing down on a serving of pasta the size of my fist (recommended portion size) is about as attractive as gnawing on a tree! So the battle continues. . .

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