Unlike a lot of people from our tri-state area, I didn't grow up snacking on and loving Bing Cherry Bars. I don't believe I even had one until I was in my teens and my reaction then was less than enthusiastic.

The milk chocolate, chopped peanuts, and cherry-flavored nougat/fondant was a combination that did nothing for me. When we did have them once-in-a-while, (not that I bought them, because I didn't) I would eat the chocolate peanut coating and throw the cherry goo in the trash.

I've always been more of a dark chocolate person anyway. And, it's not that I don't like fruit-flavored items, because I do. It was the combo of the three that didn't work for me and it was also kind of a texture issue.

Last year we got to try the limited edition Blue Raspberry Bing and it wasn't bad, but still not something I would have purchased myself. Then in a flash, my relationship with Bings changed!

One of our delightful listeners, Veronica Knotts, was in Sioux City shopping at the Palmer Candy Company store, and she picked up a couple of S'Mores Twin Bings for us. She hand-delivered them yesterday just as I had become somewhat peckish. So I dug in.

It was delicious! Nothing weird at all about the chocolate, peanut, marshmallow-flavored filling combo at all. It sort of reminded me of making s'mores with a Reese's Peanut Butter cup.

I went to the Palmer website today and discovered they are making Caramel Twin Bings this summer, and they also make a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark. Just a suggestion Palmer's - -Dark Chocolate Fudge Bings!

Time to put in an order!

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