When we were kids, the mere thought of summer was exciting beyond comprehension! It meant freedom, hanging out with friends from morning til dusk, riding bikes for hours, and spending entire days at the swimming pool. You could read tons of books you didn't have time for when homework was a priority. (Yes we loved reading.) And there was laughter-- lots and lots of laughter!

Not once, not ever, did we worry about where our next meal was coming from, or if there would be a meal. I'm sure there were kids who did, but we were just not aware of it. Some people still aren't.

One in six children in South Dakota are at risk of going hungry and 50% of those served by Feeding South Dakota are children. When school is in session families struggling to put food on the table get help from the BackPack program, but when summer arrives, access to food is limited.

Thankfully, again this summer Feeding South Dakota has gotten together with several partners to distribute backpacks on Thursdays at these sites participating in the Summer Food Service Program, where any child under 18 can eat a free lunch.

  • Child Nutrition Center - 1101 North Western Avenue
  • Our Savior's Lutheran Church - 909 West 33rd Street
  • EmBe downtown - 300 W 11th Street
  • Boys and Girls Club - 824 East 14th Street

And also at: Anne Sullivan, Cleveland, Garfield, Hawthorne, Hayward, Laura B. Anderson, Terry Redlin and Brandon elementary schools.

For exact dates and times go to Feeding South Dakota online, follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

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