Feeding South Dakota is hosting the 4th Annual "Share Your Love" Fundraiser through Valentine's Day. All money raised goes to support the BackPack program and you'll be covering the cost of a weekly food package for one child for the rest of the school semester.

Pardon the expression, but that is an incredibly "sweet" thing to do! Plus you'll be putting a smile on your favorite Valentine's face when they find out what you've done. For a $60 donation to the BackPack Program, Feeding South Dakota will deliver a rose and a Valentine card (made by a child) to your special someone on Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14, 2016.

Last year's "Share Your Love" campaign raised enough funding to provide food to 42 children throughout the school year. Every week Feeding South Dakota provides 3,400 weekend food packages to children in the Sioux Falls area. These food packages are quite often the only nourishment these children and their families have for a weekend.

Statistics from the Department of Agriculture in 2015 indicated that 13.1 million children in the U.S. did not get enough nutrition to live a healthy life. Yes, hunger still exists in our country, even with the extraordinary wealth which abounds in some segments of society. Children who grow up in food insecure environments are more likely to suffer physical and mental illness, do poorly in school and then in society.

But you can be a part of changing those numbers. Give your sweetheart something truly meaningful this year and help an organization which feeds hungry children reach its goal of no more hunger.  Share your love online at feedingsouthdakota.org or call 605-335-0364 ext. 108.

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