I have lived in Sioux Falls for a long time and like a lot of long-time residents, I remember what Falls Park used to be, sort of a big mess. I also remember driving into the rejuvenated Falls Park area for the first time and being wowed at the changes!

A huge part of what makes exploring the city's namesake so fun is the Falls Park Visitor Information Center. It is a hive of information on the falls themselves as well as other things to do in our great city. You will find a huge amount of souvenir goodies to send to friends and relatives, or a t-shirt you can wear to show your pride in Sioux Falls!

The five-story viewing tower is another feature of the visitor center which makes Falls Park a fantastic place for guests to our area. I can tell you from first-hand experience however, this time of year the thing to do is stay cozy inside the observation area.

Two years ago, I took my sister from Montana up the tower. She insisted we go outside for the "full experience" and to get a great photo of the "Winter Wonderland" display in the background. We nearly froze our niblets off!

In any case, if you love Sioux Falls and Falls Park and have a desire to work at the Visitor Information Center, the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitor's Bureau is looking for you. They are hiring part-time employees right now.

And, you'll be kept busy, very busy. The Falls Park Visitor Information Center welcomed over 207,000 people in 2018 from all 50 states and 73 foreign countries!

For more information, contact Rachel Crane at 1-605-373-2026.



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