There is a cut and paste Facebook post that has gone viral saying that there is some sort of algorithm conspiracy to keep you from seeing all of your friends precious memes and cat videos. Just to be clear, in DOES NOT WORK.

The hoax Facebook post reads something like this:

Ok I wondered where everybody had been! This is good to know: It's ridiculous to have 100's of friends and only 25 are allowed to see my post. I ignored this post earlier, becaus It WORKS!! I have a whole new news feed. I’m seeing posts from people I haven’t seen in years. Here’s how to bypass the system FB now has in place that limits posts on your news feed. Their new algorithm chooses the same few people - about 25 - who will read your posts. Therefore, Hold your finger down anywhere in this post and "copy" will pop up. Click "copy". Then go to your page, start a new post and put your finger anywhere in the blank field. "Paste" will pop up and click paste. This will bypass the system. If you are reading this message, do me a favor and leave me a quick comment...a "hello," a sticker, whatever you want, so you will appear in my newsfeed‼️.It WORKS!!

In February, a Facebook representative told The Wrap: “Friends don’t let friends copy and paste memes, and this one simply is not true. We rank News Feed based on how relevant each post might be to you, and while we’ve made some updates that could increase the number of posts you see from your friends, your News Feed isn’t limited to 25 of them.”

The website That' explained it further: "The messages are all complete nonsense. The important details are these… there is no upper limit on how many friends can appear on your newsfeed. Those you rarely interact with are less likely to appear on your newsfeed, and those you interact with regularly are more likely to appear. There are also a number of other factors that come into play. This has always been the case since the early days of Facebook. Facebook doesn’t “choose” your friends for you, it does not place any limit on how many friends appear on your newsfeed, and does not have a 'new algorithm'."

Again it does NOT work. If you are really concerned about certain friends getting your messages maybe go ahead a give them a phone call?

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