Why should we go?

If you have a curious mind, a love of travel, and an adventurous palate, the 25th Annual Sioux Falls Festival of Cultures is a not-to-be-missed event!

This family-friendly festivity is a celebration of the diversity that helps to drive our Sioux Falls (and other cities') economy forward. Just as people from different backgrounds bring new ideas, skills, and outlooks to the workplace, the same can be said of our culture as a whole.

Where is the Festival of Cultures this year?

This year the festivities are again taking place at Falls Park on Saturday, June 12. The fun gets underway at Noon and doesn't end until 6 PM. Admission is free, parking is free, and the whole event is smoke-free. In fact, the only thing you'll pay for is whatever you eat and whichever arts, crafts, jewelry, clothing, or collectibles you just have to have!

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What will we find at this event?

Every year the food is one of the biggest stars at the festival and you never know what you might find. I tend to be an adventurous eater and in the past, there has been everything from fruit smoothies to chicken shawarma and falafel, to tacos, etoufee, and more! But if you're a burger and pizza person, you'll probably find that too.

Entertainment is never in short supply at this event either! There are always talented musicians and dancers to catch your attention.

You'll also find numerous vendor booths with clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and more.

What is the Sioux Falls Multi-Cultural Center & What do they do?

The Festival of Cultures benefits the Sioux Falls Multi-Cultural center which plays an integral role in our ever-growing, ever-changing city. They offer community orientation, English language, and life skills classes. They provide translation and immigration services as well as a wide array of adult and youth services programs and they help to educate the rest of us about cultural diversity and its value in our city.

You can also volunteer for this wonderful event, by filling out the volunteer form online or contact Carla at (605) 367-7401. You can follow the Sioux Falls Multi-Cultural Center online and on Facebook.

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