Trying to find the positives in the corona virus times? Here's one: everything old is new again. It's a real-life flashback to when times were simpler and a little more carefree.

You may have heard that drive in movies are making a big comeback. My friends and I would hit the Drive-In theater in LeMars, Iowa or Spirit Lake quite frequently. It's where we saw Back to the Future, Tremors, Purple Rain, and Footloose.

People are reading like never before. Digital books sales are at an all-time high because books can take you somewhere else when you have to to stay where you are.

We're doing jigsaw puzzles again. I've read somewhere that the Ravensburger Puzzle Co. sales were up over 600% from this time last year. Drive yourself mad with that polar bear in a snowstorm one.

Baking from scratch is also very popular again. Eggs, flour, sugar? Got 'em.

You can now add roller skating to that list. The retro sport is all over social media these days, and Tik Tok seems to be the platform. In fact, roller skating is so popular right now, skates are sold out nearly everywhere online. Maybe roller rinks will make a comeback when this is all over. I miss Magic Wheels in Sioux Center. It was not only one of my first jobs, it's where I spun records for the first time paving the way for my carrier path.

Everything old is new again. I like that.

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