O'Gorman students and staff have a history of giving, to each other, to their school and to the Sioux Falls community. One of their best soul-soothing, heart-warming and tummy-filling events, the Annual Empty Bowls Soup Supper is coming up on Wednesday, April 3, from 5 to 7 PM in the O'Gorman High School cafeteria, just off of 41st and Kiwanis.

Once again this year, local restaurants have partnered with O'Gorman and are donating a variety of delicious soups and bread. Parents and staff will be baking a huge assortment of dessert goodies. So you'll get a tremendous meal of soup, bread, beverage, and dessert for only $5 per person or $20 max for families of four or more.

Your other option is a $15 ticket which buys your supper and allows you to purchase one of the gorgeous hand-crafted pottery bowls made by O'Gorman art department students and art teacher Gary Siska. The bowl will be a reminder of the people in our community who face "empty bowls" and go hungry in their homes.

There will also be a silent auction of the art students pottery. But, the best part? (Yes, even better than the food and conversation!) The proceeds from the Empty Bowls Soup Supper will benefit The Banquet here in Sioux Falls.

So fill your tummy warm your soul by helping others in need.

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