EmBe is all about empowerment. To help women, children, and families reach their potential by providing opportunities to learn, grow and adapt, move forward, and give back to the community, has been the goal of this organization for as long as it has existed.

So it is no surprise that EmBe has decided to move forward with their 2020 Tribute to Women, with one major adjustment. This year's event will be broadcast live on EmBe's Facebook page, on May 19, from 7 to 8 PM.

Tribute to Women has been recognizing outstanding women and men in our community for 47 years and EmBe decided not to allow COVID-19 to have the last word on the ceremony this year. The 50 nominees in 9 categories were announced last month, and during the Facebook live presentation, the winners will be announced and their achievements honored.

Because the Tribute to Women is one of EmBe's largest fundraisers, they find themselves in the position that so many other organizations also do, asking for the community to make a donation (if at all possible), so that they may continue the programs that have changed and improved so many lives for the better.

If you can make a donation, or want to volunteer, you can find all the information you need at EmBe online, on Facebook, or by calling 605-336-3660.

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