It goes without saying, (but I will) that our planet has way too many people who simply possess no conscience, no consideration for others, no empathy and no soul! This, can at times lead one to disparage our species. This is especially true when their behavior affects children.

EmBe was the target of just such a person or persons last month right before the Christmas holiday. Friday, December 13, was the date on which a vicious act of vandalism was perpetrated on the EmBe South (69th & Louise) location's vehicles. Four vans and a bus were disabled when their catalytic converters were stolen.

The vans can be repaired, the bus cannot, which is a major loss to EmBe and it's children's programs. These vehicles are integral to the transportation of precious children to and from numerous programs like Girls on the Run, FIRST LEGO League, swimming lessons, field trips, and more.

Karen Lundquist, EmBe CEO said, "It's difficult for me to imagine someone targeting organizations that provide childcare", and "this kind of malicious and needless action is incredibly disappointing.”

If you would like to make a donation to EmBe's Vehicle Fund Drive for 2020, to help with these unexpected expenses, it would be greatly appreciated. For more information, see EmBe online, on Facebook, or call 605-336-3660.

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