What better way to celebrate National Park and Recreation month than by adding another park to the Sioux Falls landscape. This one will only be around for the month of July, but it offers the same thing many of our long-established park areas do.

The Phillips Avenue Plaza Pop-Up Park is offering a wide array of entertainment, games, and activities every day in July, at 105 South Phillips Avenue. You'll find everything from Giant Jenga to Trash Can Pong, you can learn to juggle or hula hoop, even make your own dog toys, not to mention live concerts from talented musicians too.

You will find a wonderful green space with flowers, perfect for sharing a picnic lunch in the sunshine, or sitting quietly reading, or maybe one of my favorite hobbies- - people watching. All of this is available in downtown Sioux Falls, but only during the month of July.

You can find a complete listing of all the fun activities and which musicians will be performing by checking out the City of Sioux Falls/Parks & Recreation website and also on Facebook.


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